Thursday, March 15, 2007


Talking about being a leader is not talking about position, but talking about responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is savely bringing the group that you lead to the destination, namely the goal(s).
Of course, you don't lead alone. You have people to help you lead, and sometimes you have the senior(s) that want(s) to be helped by you. In these cases, it's them who have to submit to you or it's you who have to yield to them. It's that simple. And it's called "the teamworking".
But, the case is different when you have to work with co-workers. You don't have the obligation to always submit to them, but neither do they to you. Here the arts are soberity, soundmindness and self-controlled wills. You have to know what to do, how to (re)act and what to say in the right time and in the right place. And it's still called "the teamworking".
Unfortunately, there are times when you know that you must say something or (re)act in a certain way, but you know as well that the time is not favorable and the time is not right too! In this situation, you will split the group if you insist on doing or saying what is in your mind.
What shall you do then?
I think the best thing is to say "after you" and keep your opinion for a better time. In this way you keep the group intact and the goal of the group will most likely be achieved!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


The seasons of chocolates and then oranges have gone. Valentine's day and lunar new year have past. The festive days are far over.

What's left?

Life goes on and carries on. Unrealistic dreams are casted away, works are chrerished once again. It's now the season of the 'realtime'. It's the time of the real challenges.

Can we survive ? Time will tell.

But, don't lose hope yet. Soon the season of real spring will come. Wait. Be patient. Once again we will be reminded :

"Because He lives I can face tomorrows,
Because He lives, I know I have the future!"

Be of a good courage.