Friday, February 02, 2007

Talking about Weights

This year, many of my friends - males and females - includes getting slender into their new year resolutions. Some of them even made a determination to lose 10 kilos, no matter what. Within my church circle, "I will do anything to get it done" which has become the motto of the year is also connected to the goal of getting slimmer.

To me, getting slimmer has become a life pursuit since the day I reached my pre-teenage-time. I have learned how to tamper my appetite since the first time I heard my friends calling me nicknames connected to my being not slender while I was still in the elementary school. Because of the nicknames, I felt so inadequate, thinking that I was "really that fat". I was struggling with the thought that I wasn't beautiful until I was "educated" by what I read that what is more important is inner beauty, not the physical one. I stopped worrying about not being pretty and started to learn to enhance my inner-self. Though I did never quit of being careful of what I ate, I paid more attention on how to be a "brainy" girl rather than on a "brawny" slender one.

I know there are many reasons of why some people really want to be slim. One of my lady friend tries her best to keep herself slim after the birth of her 6th child because she is afraid of losing her spouse if she gains weight. Some others want their tummies flat because they want to look good in their jeans. And for some people, there are other reasons. And another. And another...

During a visit to a beauty parlor, I overheard a conversation between two ladies. One of them said, "You shouldn't try to get slimmer because of your husband's demand, but you should do it because you want to stay healthy!" What an enlightenment!.

Overhearing the conversation, I now have an even better reason as to why I should try my best not to gain weight.: to stay healthy and mobile in my mature age. With heavy body I won't be as mobile as I want. I don't need to put losing weights as my goal this year, though, as it has been my entire life attempt so far. And I guess I'd rather do "it" than putting it as my resolution.