Tuesday, January 16, 2007


16 days after my new year’s resolution.

I am proud to list here what I consider accomplishments :

1. I have done my first trip : to Puncak – West Java. I was sent to attend a leaders’ conference set up by my church. I will make another trip to Magelang – Central Java by the end of this week. Still, for a ministry purpose.

2. I have managed to spend time (a lot of it!) in front of the computer just to study the development and progress of my church website : www.ncccnet.org. Never in my life I learn or seek to know anything about a website as much as I have been doing now. The reason is now I am responsible for the ups (and downs) of the site since I am officially assigned as the head of the Media Team in my church. Hopefully, I will witness only the ups (and not the downs!) in the coming years. May God help me and the rest of the team members!

3. I have managed to spend more quality time with my children. No PC (and internet) after 4 pm! If I still need to work around with the computer, I use the laptop which I can carry around. I enjoyed working with my laptop, while watching my kids preparing the books for tomorrow’s school schedule. I was able to have enjoyable conversations with them : answering their questions, responding their chit-chat, commenting on their antics and so on, and so on…

4. Other daily activities like sending and replying emails, writings, readings, checking on agendas….and other menial jobs plus domestic chores…

Here are things which I so desperately want to accomplish by the end of this week :
Helping my first kid sending her first story to the kids’ corner in one publication. Thanks God, I have done helping her with the editing.
Finishing the preparation of my second book and have it sent to a publisher.

Of course, there are still a heap of things I want to do during this week, but they can wait until the end of this month.

Looking at my “things to do” list, I feel like following too many stars to guide me to reach my destination(s). It makes me panic to see how many things need to get done. But I must understand that actually there is only ONE Star to follow in order to reach destination(s); the same One Star that guided the Magi to meet the baby Savior thousands and thousands years ago. It is the Lord Himself. I must follow That One Star, and the other stars will also follow Him. Together, I and those other stars will journey to reach one destination prepared. So, I guess, I must learn not to panic. After all, there is only One Star to follow!