Monday, September 11, 2006


This is the picture of my father in-law and his grandchildren : David – Gianina – Charissa - Michelle – Stacey – Celine. David was the only prince in the family. It seemed that he was the one who was going to carry on the Tan blood in the family because all the other grandchildren are all girls. My husband and his siblings (one younger brother and one younger sister) had decided that there would not be any additional member anymore in the family. For the last few years we all had enjoyed traveling and doing activities as a group of 14 – (8 adults + 6 children). We thought it would be like that forever, at least as long as the grandparents are granted long lives.

But, to our surprise, another member was added into our family! My husband younger sister was pregnant and since August 25, 2006, another prince has been in our family! David is no longer the sole successor of the Tan Kingdom.
To some people it is just a mere ordinary domestic life story. But I am amazed by the change! The born of Christopher has reconfirmed me of one of the saying I found sometime ago (I forget who said it) : “The only permanence in this world is change itself!”

I have the inclination of loving permanence. I don’t like too many changes. I’d rather have a routine than facing an abrupt challenge of new thing, but the coming of Christopher in our family has forced me to realize that nothing is of permanence. I have to make myself ready for every change and challenge of this life. I have to be brave. I must have courage to carry on this life. I must dare jumping out of the box.