Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Life Corner

How wide is this universe?

To many of us, this universe is unthinkable. It is too wide to be measured that it becomes immeasurable. This makes us feel like a tiny spot in a big,big unfathomable cosmic. The world becomes incontrolable to us. It is a huge giant, and we are as insignificant as we can. And how this makes us feel insecure.

Does it? Or does it not?

Whatever the answer is, compared to the vastness of the universe, we still have the need to feel significant. We, then understand, that we don't need this vastness. We just need a tiny corner where we can grasp our life, hold it hard and give it our focus. Then, once again, we regain our security, seeing that a tiny corner of our life has been able to grow into a flourishing piece of land, being given hard labors of our hands and a proper attention from us combined with a heavenly sweet blessing from the good Lord.

The life corner. This is all what we need.

Martha Pratana
January 17, 06