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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Auntie versus My Mom

One of my good friends asked me why I never talked about my mom. She said I always wrote about my auntie.

Well, my friend, one day I will write about my mom. A lot.

She has passed away more than 10 years ago after a brave and courageous battle against cancer. My mom is one of those heroes who inspire me. So I will have plenty of time to talk about her.

Now as my auntie is still here, I would like to write about her as much as I can; while my memories of her are still fresh.

The moral: Do something good to your loved ones, while they are still alive. When they are not here anymore, whatever you do for them, won't change a thing!

Keeping Up Your Hobbies

Like I said, my auntie is still very active. She has passions of anything that relates to beauty: sewing, embroidering, doing the handy crafts ...and of course, the love for plants and flowers.

Although she is quite old, she never let her passions grow dim.

I think that is one secret, one can stay healthy and cannot grow old in the inside: keeping up the passions!

Alone but Never Lonely

My auntie lives practically alone in her house; she is accompanied by her maid who has been with her since longer than my age. The maid now has her own family: daughter, son, son in law and a grandchild is on the way...

My uncle has passed away, years and years ago. Their son and daughter live in other areas of Indonesia, being prominent and successful persons.

Many times the children ask my auntie to stay with either of them, but my auntie prefers her independence. She is still active and still has a vivid mind. She still sew (and earn the money from it) and she can still put those "blink-blink things" in the customers' party gown...etc...etc...

And most importantly, she still make friends and has a lot good friends and best friends who love her.

On her birthday, one of her best friend brought her a birthday cake specially customized for her since my auntie is diabetics. This friend, who is a very long time friend, ask the maid and the seamstress who is my auntie's assistant to sing "Happy Birthday" and gather around the cake. and they prayed for my auntie.

I was crying (inside my heart) when I heard my auntie telling the story to me. One good lesson for me: you may be alone, but you can do something to chase away the loneliness. My auntie does it by not letting herself growing old insidely, not letting herself giving up her activities (though she could live by her children's pension) and by still actively making friends!

The Home Coming (Again)

October 18, 2011. I was there again, touching my feet again on the land of Yogyakarta. Leaving the airport, then I went on to Magelang. It was a lucky trip because few weeks after, Mount Merapi erupted, giving chaos to the towns around it-- Yogyakarta and Magelang were among them.

The trip, as usual, was a "home coming". The major reason was I wanted to visit my auntie who was celebrating her 79th birthday. But deep inside, it was a journey of my heart. A peep to my childhood time.

This time, I wanted to give my auntie a gift. She wouldn't expect me to bring anything-- anything at all. She isn't a person who loves worldly things, if I may say. But I know it too well what could please her than anything: the presence of her loved ones.

So, this time, I decided that I should bring her younger brother, who is the youngest siblings. My grandparents has 8 children (my mom is right after her, and the youngest brother is right after my mom)-- 5 of them has passed away (including my mom).

My uncle's coming should be a surprise. So, I didn't tell my auntie that her brother would come along.

October 18, 2011; almost at 22.30...I went in my auntie's house. She was happy to see me. But she couldn't belief her eyes when after sometimes my uncle showed his nose...:-)

I am glad, I made the decision to bring my uncle along, for he himself is over 70 years old now. They probably won't have much time anymore to see each other; though I wish them a long life!!!

Saturday, January 08, 2011


Though since last December I've been unofficially signed a contract with some publishers to do some projects by "saying yes" to them, a few minutes earlier I've just sent a ready-to-print manuscript to a certain publisher I've never worked with before.

My career seems secure enough this year judging from the deals I've promised to them I've known before.

But there is something reckless within me that compels me to try "fly higher". Something that pushes me to go beyond my tendency to worship a "status quo".

To be truthful, I prefer to work on a safe deal rather than facing an unsure opportunity by sending a ready-to-print manuscript to a publication house which I don't know.

Afraid of being rejected?
Afraid of being given "a silent answer" instead of "yes" or "no"?
Afraid of being in a limbo?

Yes, to be honest!

Yet, I've decided that an attempt is worth trying, even though we have to suffer from an unpredictable seconds, minutes, hours, months...of waiting the answer to come to us!

Just wish myself a luck!

Monday, January 03, 2011


I brought you one best gift
which I bought with my last pennies

But you rolled your eyes,
turn your face away from me:
"What? Are you bringing me gift?
Am I that pitiful,
that I need your gift?"

One got broken
because her gift was rejected;
another got insulted
because his pride was hurt